We hand out some VERYRARE puzzle pieces in each V®️R®® order [as part of the brand’s ‘goodie galore’]. 5-8 pieces given for every item u buy from us ♡ If you manage to complete the puzzle (24 pieces), send us a video of u destroying it in an artsy way and we’ll give you an item of your choice from the webstore 🔥🔥🔥 gogogogooooo

Mary MMarch 23rd 2023
Mark VJanuary 25th 2023
Vincent LJanuary 12th 2023
Noah T November 2nd 2022
Victor L October 17th 2022
Mark GSeptember 4th 2022
Jacob SJuly 18th 2022
Wyatt HJune 12th 2022
Nick EApril 29th 2022
Lucas GApril 1st 2022
Anthony PJanuary 5th 2022
Patrick ANovember 10th 2021
Marcus BOctober 4th 2021
Noah WSeptember 18th 2021
Zack WJuly 4th 2021
Leo RMay 20th 2021
Zack WMarch 20th 2021
Nathen GMarch 3rd 2021
Luiss GJanuary 21st 2021
Arthur PDecember 10th 2020
Ian CNovember 5th 2020
Noah WOctober 18th 2020