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Design by Raf Reyes: high-contrast Mayhem scene, setting the right visual tone straight away. More life+crowd control/fanlove. The piece is about trance (i.e a half-conscious states nd internal-external stimuli overflow, typically as induced by hypnosis or entered by a medium), transience (i.e the state or fact of lasting only for a short time, transitoriness), living it while it lasts in critical times. Skeletal-layered bodies eerily fusing with mainstage characters, base picture referenced around album cover photos of both old and new punk rock + rap/hip-hop shows; DIE KNIT is the ultimate statement piece for your closet. This one’s for the moshpitters nd lovers of the good stuff, w punk energy on dragon. As u and VERYRARE™ really go against the grain together, this black-and-white monochromatic jacquard\woven tapestry sweater guarantees you easy pairing nd boldesttt style. Slime love all the time. SLATTT!!*

Second sample round we did for ‘Die Knit’. Excess fabric led us to still cut and sow them, but compared to the final version (99€ one, also on display in the webshop), the fabric is more honeycombed, less knitted/constricted.

Jacquard Crewneck