Goodie galore//vRank [🎖📖]



Design by Raf Reyes: introducing the innovative loyalty scheme , designed to make your ordering experience even more exciting! ~ our Panini-style zine features a unique twist – instead of collecting players’ stickers and the likes, you’ll be collecting “vRanks” based on your level of order 📖. As you progressively place orders, you’ll earn points that will help you climb up the hierVRchy and unlock exclusive vRewards/goodies 🏆 ~ so yeah!! whether u’re a frequent shopper or just starting out innit, our zine offers a fun and engaging way to track your progress and reap the rewards of being a loyal customer, get goodies accordingly, and be goated 🐐📈?

Content: each package includes the selected “vRank” sticker🎖 & the corresponding goodie, slipped in accordingly (from sticker sheet, playing cards deck, agenda, coloring book etc…) ~ “vRank” package #1 also includes the additional Panini-type zine/mini-book to glue up all the stickers innit 🃏.

☞ :: to get the physical Panini-type like zine, you’ll need to order vRank N°1 first (makes sense :: everybody started somewhere/@@@ the bottom of the hierVRarchy at some point in their lyfe)
☞ :: be honest (makes sense too, we can monitor/we know your vRank 😂~ this is for those who select N° 21 straight up/in one go)