The World Is Ours [Candle]


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Design by Raf Reyes: The ‘Three Graces’ have always struck me in museums, for their elegance and ubiquitousness. They carried the world on their shoulders, all the while performing refined tasks like pouring water with vases, holding conchs etc… originally (nd according to poetic and literary tradition), the Graces were Euphrosyne, Thalia, and Aglaia (daughters of Zeus); each of whom bestowing a particular gift on humanity: Euphrosyne bringing mirth, Aglaia elegance and Thalia youth and beauty. Eternally young and lovely, they represented charm, beauty, and human creativity, and were depicted witholding attributes such as apples, roses, and sprigs of myrtle. The obvious pun to Scarface’s ‘blip’ scene is to be noted, since it’s a movie that influenced me a lot. The VERYRARE™ V®️R®®  message is pretty clear: “live for something worth dying for”. Keep it lit. This candle will bring out the dawg in you, givin’ u the last bits of strength nd confidence needed to attack toDay. Gogogo 🔥🔥

Size: 15cm high

Always trim wick to 1/4 inch before relighting. Burn within sight. Only burn the candle on a leveled surface.