Design by Raf Reyes: in a beige, hatched-textured universe, a young woman, finds herself trapped, akin to an artwear creation 🖼. Golden locks frame her face in monotony… each step’s a struggle :: she yearns to escape. Her beauty echoes R.Reyes’ ‘Blonde’ in a colorless existence 👱‍♀️. Yet, her unyielding spirit bVRns. With determination, she seeks hope amid prison bars. She dreams of a vibrant world… through ᵥresilience, she’ll paint her freedom. VERYRARE™ ~ always… 🎨.

Materials: premium jacquard woven tapestry fabric (410gsm polycotton), custom-molded enamel-poured/coated pullers & zipper’s teeth, samurai ‘rope’ braided belt-system +++ lining’s composition: 50% cotton, 40% rayon, 10% viscose ~



• Even though the garment may differ from the image below, well it’s the same sizing (as in, we’re using the same size chart for both)

• True size or slightly oversized look recommended. Unisex garment.

• As sizing is rather large, if you don’t like the the oversized look don’t hesitate to take small size.

• Machine wash cold. Do not machine dry.


Size M


Size XL



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