Stencil Pack


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Design by Raf Reyes: create your own high impact specials + custom clothes at/with easeeeeee 🖼. You don’t need to be the next Picasso to get the most out of your chalkboards/spraycans 🎨. With our stencil pack you’ll gain easy wayS to 222 create bright and professional displays. Stand outta the crowd, draw a scream, multifaceted +++ turnin’ heads, a rottweiler and more on your clothes or elsewhere/anywhere (in the streets!! *maybe*) with our VR®® original stencils 🧑‍🎨. Raf’s personal fave/preference: seeing these patterns gathered together either on a tote bag or nicelyyyyy centereddd on a white t-shirt 👨‍🎤🙏.

Made out of 0.25mm ecofriendly bioplastic. Wide range of stencils all designed by Raf-Reyes +++ stemming from VR®® iconography. Strong plastic finish. Ideal for use w/ liquid chalk pens or spraycans. VR®® GUERILLA. FOR LIFE

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