Nameless Namekians: Light Of Death




Design by Raf Reyes: Light Of Death jino (jogger <-> chino) draws inspiration from my childhood/teenage years watching anime all the time before going to elementary school and shit. Dis really helped 2 shape my early yearZ innit foreal. The scene in which Piccolo fires up his secret ‘Light of Death’ technique out of pure desperation and emotion (nuclear energy — vital ‘ki’ energy — like, unequal balances of power and shit). Seems like what touched you from before smh always finds u back years after. And yh, dis clearly stuck [up until now]. I was really drawn to the whole Akira Toriyama//japanese// DBZ (folk)lore. *notably the planet Namek somehow, a planet that’s somewhere in a trinity star system in the manga, located at coordinates 9045XY within the Universe 7. Namek.. the home planet of the Nameless Namekians.


Mixed media collage on garment. Mixed media collage on garment. Digital to analog layering of 11+ visuals total (prints + embroidery). this V®️R®® statement piece is a ‘jino’ (jogger ⇄ chino) pant, made for mobile-living//on some “out like a light” fast life type-shit. cut = in-between a jogger (elasticated hems and hip//inc. ‘relaxed fit’ elements/particularities/characteristics) and a chino (because of/for its subtle sheen, very hard-wearing nd traditionally used for military uniforms/workwear). Hand-sewn. Mediumweight 280gsm cotton twill//premium textil’d weave fabric w/ a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs, made from a super-combed cotton blend to achieve the softest handfeel producible. 13000 stitches all embroideries total (back & front). Interior woven label/VERYRARE™ tag sewn specially to leave no stitch marks at the back.

Named and numbered with each garment serial+drop no° purposely limited to 21 — in line with our VERYRARE™ ’quattromotto’: quality, rarity, singularity & sustainability.




• True size or slightly oversized look recommended. Unisex garment.

• As sizing is rather large, if you don’t like the the oversized look don’t hesitate to take small size.

• Machine wash cold. Do not machine dry.


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