Gift Card



The Matrix keymaker’s pass, for someone special 2 exit it with →→→→ via VERYRARE™. A gift card is a unique typa tinggg: its value can be used as payment towards future orders. Give someone access 2the V®️R®® drip. Classics & favourites. Starting today
Two options possible: either u get the physical gold-plated card shipped out to you, with the code and amount written on it (+$5), or we send you the code in an email as soon as you cop, so that you can then give it back to your chVRish’d one (free of charge).
Prices are in dollars. For our fellow european Gs the amount you get to see displayed at checkout may vary, due to conversion rate. We’ve put the actual amount you pay on the card (for instance if you take the “200” gift card and wanna use euros as currency, you will end up paying 172€ and your discount code will be of this amount in euros).