Chocolate Chip Camo [Cardigan]



Design by Raf Reyes: in a candy-filled wVRld, a man in a chocolate-chip cardigan roams among sugary landscapes, leaving trails of sprinkles. He’s an enigmatic presence, seemingly the guardian of this sweet vRealm, inhabited by gummy bears and marshmallow creatures 🏰🍬🍭. His arrival sparks changes, unveiling new confectionary vistas. He embodies the world’s secrets, symbolizing enchantment and inviting all to embrace its magic for sweet adventures… VERYRARE™ beckons with whimsy and delight — always ❤️.

Materials: 18GG jacquard-knitt’d cotton-nylon-wool cardigan (60% cotton, 30% nylon, 10% Merino wool) 🧵| | | normal + chenille (mix) varsity-style embroidery patches @ front & back (621000 stitches total) 🧶 ~



• Even though the garment may differ from the images below, well it’s the same sizing (as in, we’re using the same size chart for both)

• True size or slightly oversized look recommended. Unisex garment.

• As sizing is rather large, if you don’t like the the oversized look don’t hesitate to take small size.

• Machine wash cold. Do not machine dry.


Size S


Size M


Size L


Size XL


Size XXL



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