21st-Century Post-Covidism’s [David]


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Design by Raf Reyes: a modern twist on a Renaissance classic. The David by Italian artist Michelangelo. Pandemic-stricken. unable to experience air-gasms bc of the constant face-masking. VR-emblazoned covering: a 2020 symbol — on a symbol — a statue/bust that came to represent the defence of liberties in face of adversity; the Protagonist lays bare his soul via his stare, piercing us w his eyes. This handmade+carved candle will 100% light up and enliven the chakras + whole fengshui of any room it’ll be put in. 100% beeswax.


Description: Because beeswaw holds the undisputable status of best wax for candles (and one of the few that are not actually harmful), we chose high-quality, undyed, 100% beeswax for our candles. You will find notes of wood, honey and herbs in them. Because beeswax is natural, each candle has a unique shade of yellow/gold color.


Always trim wick to 1/4 inch before relighting. Burn within sight. Only burn the candle on a leveled surface.