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“VERYRARE Serves a Dose of Nostalgia For Debut Collection”
“A fashion Revolution” Jan 22
VERYRARE is redefining authenticity
“Welcome to ARTWEAR”
Raf Reyes doesn’t make clothes, he makes art
A surreal meta-artist, digital creator and fashion designer
Dramatic work that aims to (re)consider our inner consciousness and consumer society
À des années-lumière de la fast fashion, une expérience unique.
Raf Reyes is an artist and designer at the cutting edge of streetwear design.
Here’s to the crazy ones!
“The Golden He(ART)ed Ethos of VERYRARE Artwear”
VERYRARE…A Brand You Won’t Want To Miss

“I want to change how people view a piece of cloth.” A talk with Raf Reyes

Parisian brand of fashion clothing”
The Best Street Style From Paris Fashion Week
“Walk Into The New Year in Style With VERYRARE”