Love to play? 🎰 ~ try and win our lottVRy, VERYRARE’s very own try-your-luck-at-a-cash-prize lottery. The postcode where u got your VR⁽ᴿ⁾⁽ᴿ⁾ order delivered = the key 🔑. Unlock prizes (s.a fixed cash amounts’ reductions, % off discounts, free items, and more…).

FYI we’ve removed spaces (e.g SW11 7BT → SW117BT), and we’ve also shortened any typographic elements e.g ‘-‘ (80467-0692 → 80467).

If you don’t get a pop-up with your ticket/unique code, it means the postcode you’ve entered is not valid. Send us a message/email to raf.reyes@veryrare.co or on Instagram @veryrareclo if you think stuff should be valid anyways innit.