Gems & Crystals

We slip in sum very rare gemstones in each and every one of your orders 🛍🖼📦 Some of them are natural i.e as found within Mother Nature/Gaia’s bosom. Some of them are lab-grown i.e 100% same chemical composition but obtained/coined/minted artificially thanks to crazy Technology under high pressure and specific heat conditions.

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Diamond (synthetic) → associated with rarity, purity, brilliance. Brings strength, fortitude & courage via hardness and invincibility, drivin away bad energy.
Sapphire (synthetic) → deep spirituality & devotion, brings peace and contentment, trust in the fulfillment of one’s destiny.
Ruby (synthetic) → improves energy and concentration, creativity, loyalty, honor and compassion.
Garnet (natural) → revitalises, purifies & balances energy. Alleviates emotional disharmony, and brings courage/hope.
Citrine (natural) → wealth and abundance, which is why it is often called “The Merchant Stone” or “The Success Stone“.
Tourmaline (natural) → helps understanding oneself & others, promotes self- confidence and tolerance.
Amethyst (natural) → protective, healing, and purifying, it helps to promote sobriety and rid the mind of/from negative thoughts, bringing forth humility, sincerity, and ‘spiritual wisdom.
Diopside (natural) → forgiveness. Helps 2 let go of old pains and wounds, make peace, put your problems into perspective, and feel more centred and aligned with the ‘Divine’. Excellent for relaxation, stress relief and finding ur emotional centre.

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