What is VR-iD?

All our artwear garments come with a unique 5-digits code. This code is linked to your very own VERYRARE™ certificate of authenticity, safekeeping on our website and on the Web the designs, drops and unit № you possess. If you’ve purchased a VERYRARE™ c/o Raf Reyes item, please enter your unique VR-iD <here>
You can find your VR-iD 5-digits code emblazoned next to your initials, directly on your garment. For instance, if your garment serial № shows RR A1G23, then your VR-iD is A1G23

What is the difference between emblazoned and embroidered for the initials?

1st case: ‘emblazoned on garment’ (FREE): we use a laundry-friendly permanent marker so as to inscribe the desired glyphs of your choice [fill box upon purchase]

2nd case: ‘embroidered’ (+10€ premium option): we embroider your initials + serial number with cochineal red thread!

How long will my order take to ship?

All of our products are custom emblazoned by hand. Please allow 2-3 days for us to prepare your garment after you purchase. We promise to always ship it out no later than 5 days after ordering (excl. earlybirds — for which estimated shipping date is displayed on thumbnail).

Where do you ship? Are there import fees?

Shipping depends upon where you’re located:

  • We offer free shipping worldwide for all orders above $150 / 150€
  • You’re located in the USA: there are NO import fees & time until delivery  = 2 to 7 days after ordering.
  • You’re located in the EU: there are NO import fees & time until delivery = 2 to 7 days after ordering.
  • You’re located in the UK or Canada: there MAY be import fees  and delivery is 5 to 10 days after after ordering. Customs agents are the ones setting the amount, and we can’t predict the extent to which the fee will amount to precisely. Hence why we’ll send you back the money they charge you as store credits (via Gift Card).
  • You’re located somewhere else than the above: there MAY be import fees  and delivery is 5 to 10 days after ordering. Customs agents are the ones setting the amount, and we can’t predict the extent to which the fee will amount to precisely. Hence why we’ll send you back the money they charge you as store credits (via Gift Card).
Do you accept returns?

☞ If you aren’t fully happy with the goods you’ve received, you can return them to our headquarters in France or in the USA. Please email us first at raf.reyes@veryrare.co so that we track the return process. Returns must arrive to us within 14 days of date of delivery tracking confirmation for a refund. Products must be in saleable condition when they arrive back to be eligible for a refund (unworn, original tags attached, no marks, unwashed and with no strong odours).
☞ The customer is responsible for shipping returns, all shipping costs for the return will be at the customer’s expense. You may use any postal service at your own risk, we cannot take responsibility for items damaged or lost in the return transit. Please make sure all return packages are sent with a trackable, insured service and items are well packaged.
☞ Once we receive the item, you will be refunded within 5 – 7 business days to the original payment method. We will immediately notify you on the status of your refund after inspecting the item.

What is your size guide?

We recommend true size or slightly oversized look, however, as our sizing is naturally rather large, if you don’t fuck with the the oversized look and want a tight/fitted-to-body look, don’t hesitate to choose one size below what you’d normally order in most shops you cop stuff from (i.e ‘true size’). Anyways, here are the size guide for our tees. Truly really, the cut of our products varies depending on how Raf Reyes ®® has designed them to be worn. Your size is determined by both your build and how you would like to wear VERYRARE™ V®️R®®. We suggest consulting the individual product page/dropdown menu where you will find a size guide attached, please refer to the measurements in the table to discover your required size.

There is an issue with my order. What do I do?

Contact us! Through our Contact page, our instagram @veryrareclo, or email me directly to raf.reyes@veryrare.co. Rest assured, you can expect an answer from us within 24 hours.

What comes in each purchase?

Honestly much more than a single garment. Each order include indeed a truly unique collage or offset print — custom made by VERYRARE™’s founder Raf Reyes (that most customers put in a frame to display on their wall btw), a certificate of authenticity,  V®️R®® branded everything (custom-made by Raf as well) puzzle pieces to be completed so as to get a free item on the website, and much much more\custom+other funny things s.a. agendas, horoscopes, crosswords, trading cards, stickers… we try our best to change them as you make repeat orders from us so you get something different every time. Christmas before time baby!!

How many pieces you produce in total for every design?

It depends but not a lot. We number each and every one of our statement pieces. Numbers go like this: each drop has 21 units (VERYRARE™’s golden number); the first unit sold would be numbered 1/1 (1st unit of the 1st drop), the second 2/1 (2nd unit of the 1st drop), and the 22th 1/2 (got it? — first unit of drop 2). This system stops at the 21/21st piece. So, overall, there will never be more than 440 people wearing a V®️R®® visual/design/piece. It is often much less as we are usually not producing the whole 21 drops to increase rarity. 

How to care for my clothes?

They are supposed to be worn and washed, so don’t hesitate to wear and wash em’! What we advise is to limit to 40°C (104F) max temperature when machine-washing the tees and sweaters, and 30°C (86F) gentle wash for the Jacquard wovens V®️R®® knitwear (the fabric is more fragile — than e.g densely combed heavyweight cottons — + we usually have them get inner linings in satin silk and other noble fabrics — please do your research as well for specs ahahaha — different for each, each and every one of VERYRARE™’s  garment’s composition is stated explicitly every time in menu descriptions + on physical accompanying labels/tags dw). Wash with same colors to avoid any unexpected dyeing. Feel free to contact us, please feel free to contact us raf@veryrare.co or theodore@veryrare.co, so we are able to advise you as best as possible so your garment is cared after in the most attentionate wayyyy ♡. 

Will you take suggestions for the next drop?

Ofc, feel free to send your suggestions either via email to raf.reyes@veryrare.co, or to our Instagram account @veryrareclo. Still, VERYRARE™ V®️R®® has the double ®® for a reason: it’s a designer brand: all designs + vision by Raf Reyes (owner/founder/creative director of VERYRARE™). He’s a DIYer and DIFYer (do it [for] yourself): long years of aesthetic research and soul searching led to this VeRy moment. [So] understand we don’t fully adhere to the adage ‘the customer is always right’. Actually the customer is not always right. Quoting from a book Raf adores ‘This is not a Tshirt’ (by Bobby Hundreds): ‘I know this goes against everything you might have learned on the internet, but the customer is not always right. Just as the child doesn’t teach the parent and the dog doesn’t walk the owner. I believe the customer wants the business to know its own identity, purpose, and direction. The relationship between brand and customer flourishes when the customer feels secure that the business is secure. This is the problem with crowdsourcing validation: you give over control and ownership of your brand to the consumer. The entrepreneur’s responsibility is believing you could do it better, smarter, and faster than whatever’s already out there. The world just hasn’t discovered you yet. You’ve worked your ass off to be heard; the onlookers are pulled toward your passion. The customers hand you their hard-earned cash because they believe in your vision and product. Now that you have their attention and devotion, why would you surrender the reins to them? How does this help them? How does it help you?’