Artwear at its finest

Art. not clothes 🖼

Collage or litho for free

The subtle art of Collage or Offset print brought to you in each and every V®️R®® purchase you make from us; the spirit of ‘papier-mâché’ (cutting, pasting, layering/assembling) and vibrant colors is enmeshed in each VERYRARE™ statement pieces. Visuals transcend their original meaning once assembled together, collaged on garment digitally, then analogously. Each piece you buy from us is either 100% unique or numbered and given at very low quantities. Raf (www.rafreyes.art) and his elder brother Theo craft them lovingly and meticulously during all-nighters filled w creative frenzy. Mixed media collages are wrapped in protective sheet or put in a frame with a hook so that you can hang it to your wall straight away. Secure the bag!

Named and numbered


In an age of rising uniformity + conformity, we (i.e Raf and Theo) believe in the power of authenticity, rarity and unicity; hence why each VERYRARE™ artwear statement piece you purchase from us is marked/emblazoned insidely with its unit/drop №, your initials and VR-iD serial number. This is an authentication number that will link the piece to its rightful owner (aka YOU) through our page veryrare.co/vrid

Goodie galore

Each order feels like Christmas

Each and every constituent item (~ approx. 10 goodies in every bag) of the goodie bag is custom-made by Raf. You can feel our presence and the indie spirit moving us in them forreal. Amongst them, you get to receive a very special VOAT®® zine (16-pager small magazine of our creation, each page designed by Raf as a way to explain each reference’s/nod ⇄ narrative behind the garments) & a mixed media collage + a certificate of authenticity; then posters, agendas, horoscopes, crosswords, coloring books, accessories (keychains, bottle openers…), resin’d/amber’d casted objects/fossils, trading cards, tamagotchis, puzzle pieces (to be completed so as to get any item from our store you want 4free), stickers… and more. We do this complimentarily. On the house baby!! We try our best to change them as you make repeat orders from us: so you get something different every time! Secure the baggggg!