Curations/ Inspirations/ Recommendations/ Education

Le radeau de la méduse, Théodore Géricault 1818

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VRecipe to cook Urself out

very French indeed 😉

An album to relisten to

Illmatic (Nas) & Long Live A$AP (ASAP Rocky)

‘artistic lineage’

Peinture, Acrylique, Huile et Pastel sur lin en trois parties (2017-2018) Biennale Art Venise
Maya Au Bateau [Picasso (1938)] & Father o’malley THE PRIEST [George Condo (1957)]
The Escaped Hippie [George Condo (1998)] & Femme accoudée [Picasso (1921)]

color, luminescence, shiny-ness, dark/clear, chaos/balance

architectural wonders

Chapel of the Holy Cross (Sedona) & Grand Canyon
Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao (Spain)

cut, shapes, silhouette — shadows…

Selected visuals feature different universes ranging from collector 90s aesthetics to contemporary sub-and surculture imagery. Put on steroids or low-fi’ed for a fresh & reimagined clothing style, opposing ideas speaking to one another, and turned into very rare pieces.

places to escape

Zanzibar (Tanzania)

ambiances atmospheres vibes… been a minute havn’t felt ourselves… taking it as it comes… carpe diem

Bagan (Myanmar)

We make art not clothes, we make narratives not noise